Contacting EE easy, quick and fast

About EE

EE is a telecommunication website that offers services to both landline and mobile customers. EE is the most advanced digital communications company in the UK. Lately EE made a merger with BT sport therefore now the company is a part of the BT group of companies. EE has over 553 retail stores and over 31 million subscribers to their network in mobile and fixed communication solutions. It has made advancements in the telecommunication platform having the fastest 4G network in the whole of the UK. Besides this, EE has made strides in ensuring that they give the best service to their customers by investing in their customer care services.


Contacting EE customer helpline

You can contact EE contact number using a number of available options that they have laid out. One of those is the online platform where you can login to the EE website using your login information and have any queries answered on there or through email. You can also contact the EE customer care using short codes through your mobile phone. From the short codes you will get answers to your questions by simply following the prompts on the screen. Another method you can use to contact the EE helpline is by calling the customer care yourself. This is voted as the best method because you get to interact with a human being rather than a machine. This will give you an opportunity to ask about any other information you would require from the person. EE customer care can be reached by calling the number here anytime of the day and night including holidays and weekends. You can therefore have any queries answered at any time.

Why contact the EE helpline?

There are many reasons why one can choose to contact the EE helpline. For instance if you need to change your tariff you can call customer care and be advised accordingly. If you are travelling out of the country and would like to continue using EE services you can give them a call and they will advice you on the roaming services that they have and where you can get them. If you require knowing about the offers they have you may also contact them. EE always has amazing and exciting offers for their customers and for joining customers therefore they are able to grow while maintaining the customers they already have. Also if you have issues about you data plans, coverage and airtime issues you can call the customer helpline here and you will be served. You may also call EE services when you need to upgrade your plan or even exit their services.


Why use EE services?

Well this is a question people who are considering joining EE may ask themselves. It is important to know why EE stands out from the rest. EE has the best network coverage in the UK. This means that even in the most remote areas you are able to access network facilities. EE has all the network platforms on their service that is the 2G, 3G and 4G. This means that if you don’t get one of the platforms you will not miss the other. EE have amazing offers which help the customer to easily upgrade and for less money. They make sure that you can get the latest gadgets in the market and better tariffs for less. With EE you can even be able to trade in your old device and get a new one by topping up. Their coverage is also the best in all the platforms. For instance EE has 99% of the UK covered. 4G coverage which is a relatively new technology is at 76%. Fibre broadband is at 80% of the whole population while ADSL broadband service is at 98.7% of the population. These coupled with their excellent customer care and services are some of the reasons why you should use EE services.

Added benefits of using EE services

With EE you do not only get proper network coverage. You are also given added benefits which will go a long way to make sure that you enjoy your money. With EE you able to get BT sports. You can watch your favorite sports action on your mobile devices for a small fee. This means you will not miss on any sports action whether you are home or not. With EE you also get access to apple music store. On apple music store you can get all your favorite music and listen to it or download it with the fast 4G internet. You are also able to get home broadband with EE. The home broadband is unlimited and it boosts your mobile network.

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