Contacting the EDF energy fast and easy

About EDF energy

EDF energy is UKs largest producer of low carbon electricity. The company provides energy to the people through homes, businesses and industries. It does so while still saving the environment from further deterioration. This is why the company is known as the “green” company. The company prides itself in understanding the future of the production and delivery of energy all across the UK. The company due to its hard work and diligence has bagged some awards among them; BITC Responsible Business of the Year awards 2016 which they have maintained from 2015, the Race for Opportunity 20th anniversary Awards finalists 2015 and the Energy Provider of the year 2014 just to mention but a few.


Why choose EDF energy?

EDF energy is the better energy provider because they are able to offer you energy solutions for all levels of your needs. That is from individual home needs to industrial level needs. This means that they can cater for any level comfortably without putting your business at risk of losses. They have very good tariffs for energy provision. This means that you are able to save money while still enjoying the benefits of being connected. They are also available all over the UK. This means that you are able to enjoy the benefits of being connected regardless of where you are in the UK; whether rural or urban you are sorted. Finally with EDF you get to enjoy energy while still taking care of the environment. This is essential for the generations to come.

Contacting the EDF energy helpline

EDF energy is always ready and prepared to deal with the issues that are raised by their customers. Issues on electricity can be dangerous especially when there is an issue that requires immediate attention. This is when the helpline becomes really important to the customer because just by calling they can be able to get the emergency help required.

Why contact the EDF customer helpline?

There are a number of reasons why one would find it necessary to call the EDF energy contact number UK. First is when you need a quote for initial connection to your home, SME or large business. If you want a quote on how much you will require to get started then call the helpline number here. You may also want information on multi site set up and how they can do it for you. This service is also available from EDF. Besides all this you can call when there are billing problems. If you feel that there is an issue with your bill then you can contact the customer care service and you will be advised accordingly. Whenever there is a disaster waiting to happen around you for instance trees falling on cables or such incidences it is best to report them before they get out of hand. If you want to change service from another operator to EDF and also if you want to move location but want to keep enjoying EDF services you can simply give them a call and you will be taken care of.


What to know before calling EDF helpline

EDF had many callers seeking different services and advice in a day. It is therefore important that when you get through to the system you make the best of your time with the customer care agent. You should have your information ready with you before making the call. This is all the information about your account. If you are calling about your bill or payments made make sure you have the bill info and also the payment info so that you are easily attended to. If you are making a call because you want to join the service have all the details they might need from you. Also ensure that you have a list of everything you would like to know about the services you need from them and these will be provided to you in full by the agent.

EDF innovations

EDF is always committed in having new innovations that help the company in production and delivery of the electricity to the end user. The innovations are meant to give the customer the best experience with the company as required. The customer is able to enjoy the efficiency of the innovations like the smart meter which was developed by Ofgem. Other innovations that are customer oriented include their online platform where a customer is able service as they would have gotten in the offices. This makes it convenient and fast. If you have any further questions about what you cannot get online then you can be able to call them easily and have your issues resolved.

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